Dressing The Bump: Kristy’s Pregnancy Update Weeks 23 – 26

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We’re getting caught up on Kristy’s pregnancy updates! Here are weeks 23-26! Enjoy!

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Week 23:
It’s Super Bowl week! So naturally, sports are on our minds. You will have a plethora of choices once you’re old enough. Will it be football, baseball, hockey, golf, or dare I say it, soccer?! Or maybe you’ll be like your Daddy and enjoy a happy mix of them all (well, except soccer).

Whatever you choose (even if it is soccer) we will support you. Even if you decide that sports of the mind are more your style! Your Momma would totally rock being a Chess Mom. Our only requirement is just that you try everything at least once.

So whether you decide to be a jock or not, know that we will always be cheering you on.

P.S. A message from your Daddy: Please god, don’t play soccer.

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Week 24:
Your Momma has begun learning the art of Hypnobirthing! You’re getting very…sleepy…j/k it’s not like that. Momma’s goal is to bring you into this world calmly and naturally, with no drugs. We would very much like your cooperation in this, so if you’d be a dear and not be a giant viking sized baby, that’d be great.

Momma has also started talking to you a lot. And by a lot, she means that if anyone else was listening, they’d probably lock her up in the looney bin. But she hopes you’re enjoying the conversation at least, even if it is a little one-sided.

Daddy is starting to think about bringing you into this world. Momma is asking him all kinds of crazy questions that he never thought he’d need to think about. Part of him would like to just hang out in a room with a drink, waiting to smack you on the behind and light a cigar. But he’s not doing that. Nope.

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Week 25:
Love is in the air…and all that jazz! We celebrated Valentine’s Day this week! Daddy and Momma cooked a fancy feast for dinner that night. Hope you enjoyed that lobster tail because the next one is on you!

Momma had to have a glucose test this week. Which was not what she had in mind for sweets this holiday. That drink was awful. Seriously. One day Momma will give you week old, flat, warm orange soda and you’ll maybe know what it tasted like. Gross. But, she passed! Which means you don’t have diabetes! So you’re welcome for that. After, Momma got herself a donut. You’re welcome for that also.

As the weeks go by, your Momma is feeling heavier and heavier (had nothing to do with that donut). And she’s also losing her mind a little…ok a lot. Pregnancy brain is not a myth, son. Just ask your Momma how many times it took to put her shoes on the right feet. Or why she started a load of laundry without adding any clothes to it.

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Week 26:
Bottles, bibs and binkies…Oh my! We started a baby registry this week! With foolish confidence, we bounded off with a scanner gun, ready to make the best parent choices this side of the Mississippi! When faced with an entire floor to ceiling wall of JUST pacifiers. we quickly realized we were WAY out of our league. Feeling very humbled and a bit overwhelmed, we trudged on. Until we came to “stroller foot muff” on the checklist. After a good 15 minutes of laughing on the floor at what that could POSSIBLY be, we decided that maybe we’re over thinking this stuff a bit.

Momma has been feeling great these past months, except for whatever the HECK you were doing to her one night this week! The WORST heart burn in recorded history occurred that night. Momma did not sleep.

Don’t worry though, because two nights later you got your first bout of hiccups, so Momma forgave you because it was both adorable and also kind of like revenge.

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