Leave it to our fashionista Elsa who envokes pure honesty with her style

The great thing about kids is their honesty. They are pros at being true to themselves, and in the case of one customers daughter, Elsa, true to her fashion self. What little boy doesn’t want to wear a batman suit or little girl a princess dress? Not many of them would know how to take that desire outside dress-up time, nor would it cross their minds to care. Elsa is like many fashionistas at her age. She does care. She has a clear sense of what she likes and how to coordinate her outfits as she sees fit.

Elsa dressed up!

Kirsten has submitted to us a little bit about style and how her daughter is making her signature fashion statement…..this is what Mom had to say…….
Here is our gorgeous, picky, very fashion conscious Miss Elsa. Of course this picture was snapped prior to her purchase of a flashy new necklace at the book fair (the REAL reason she wanted the book it was attached to–but I’m making her read the whole thing anyway). As you can see, hot pink is her signature color and she has a hard time resisting anything animal print (and God help us if it’s animal AND pink). I believe one of our friends coined this, “hip, old-lady style.” We are so thankful she has such a strong sense of self 😉 . . . And it looks like Annika (our daughter) is following in her footsteps.
Sometimes it all about fashion and if you can add a little leopard…well then, you have made that perfect outfit! So, here are a few items to keep you looking young at whatever age.
Niki Biki Leopard Camis come in 7 colors, one of which happens to be Hot Pink. One size fits all, extra long, extra stretchy and made from lightweight fabric for any time of day.

Get your street cred in the world of cute.

For that extra kick, Hue Leopard Leggings go great with many combos and make everything fun.

They even come in pink and are the perfect counterpart for a skirt or dress,
For all you fashionistas out there who once were like little Elsa, stay creative and have fun with your style!

Elsa, you rock and so will your little sisters when you are ready to pass down your outfits.

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