Show & Tell: High Waist Faux Leather Leggings

Hey folks! It’s been awhile since I’ve did a personal review, but these High Waist Faux Leather Leggings are totally worth the effort. I love them. Like a lot. I want to scream it from the roof tops. Well…I practically did when I wore them for my bachelorette party last month…


1) High Waist Faux Leather Leggings
2) Nikibiki Ribbed Racerback Tank Top
3) Black Blazer From H&M
4) Gee’WaWa Playa Heels in Black

I almost didn’t wear them. I had several outfits picked out but I kept going back to the leggings. I thought to myself, “really, no matter how cute these other outfits are, a bachelorette party is like THE event to wear leather pants.” And all my girlfriends agreed. And so it was that I wore leather pants.

First, the fit…pretty much like a glove. Or any other good pair of leggings you have. These slide right one and hug you good. The high waist is my best friend. Holds me in nice and tight but not so tight as to cut me in half and make weird bits stick out where they shouldn’t. They really give you a nice smooth silhouette. They are also surprisingly warm, so they make a great alternative to jeans during the colder months.

Second, the look…I was a bit self conscious at first but after much encouragement from the girlfrans and several thousand looks in the mirror, it was safe to walk outside without fear. Because the material is thicker, it doesn’t show much in the way of lumps and bumps that some tight leggings do.

I paired mine with a simple white tank top, black blazer and black heels. I wanted the statement piece to be the leggings themselves. Well…besides the crown and shot glass necklace, of course 😉


They were SO comfortable all night long. And I do mean ALL night because little momma didn’t go back to our cabin until 4am =D I danced, I ran, I did all sorts of things a lady does when she’s up to no good. And the leggings didn’t stretch out or go funky on me. Not even ONCE.


Finding a mirror big enough for us all to take a selfie in <3

I got compliments on them all night long, from my girls, from other girls, from random guys, but the biggest compliment was from my very own soon to be husband. See we were partying it up the same night, in the same town (crazy I know) and when we finally ran into each other, this was how we greeted.

He says to me, and I quote, “Are you wearing f*cking leather pants right now?! Holy sh*t that’s hot!” To which I replied, “Why do you have a sombrero?” <3




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  1. I also remember feeling a little self-conscious when I first decided to step out into public in my new leather leggings! But those feelings were quickly assuaged when everyone I encountered threw compliments my way 😀

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