How to Wear White Leggings

Nikibiki Smooth Leggings

White leggings can be tricky for a number of reasons from underwear concerns to time-of-the-month concerns, but here are some suggestions and looks that make white leggings work.

First of all, wearing a longer top or loosely hanging sweater can alleviate any concerns regarding visible panty lines or just visible undies in general! A tip about the undies though – if you’re someone who prefers more coverage, wear a pair that is close in shade to your own skin color so that it doesn’t show through your leggings!

Secondly, white leggings are just like black leggings since they can be worn with anything! Pair them with darker shades for the winter. Cobalt blue goes particularly well with white! Browns, greens, and reds are great for the fall. Pinks, yellows, and gold will pair nicely with white leggings during the summer and spring.

Here are some outfits that have caught my attention ~

cobalt blue jeans camo Chunky sweater Sparkly

Here are a few other combinations and styles that will take advantage of the versatility of white leggings. Just a few suggestions using some of our favorite staples and statement pieces!

White Leggings, Neutral and Gold
Casual Red and White
If you’d been intimidated by white leggings before, now you know there’s no need to fear!

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