Stay Warm in A Cold Office with These Styles

As a California born and raised girl, I’m pretty spoiled when it comes to weather. The town I’m from has one of the best climate in the world (no, I’m not even kidding about this…it’s National Geographic proven). With that being said, the Repeat Possessions offices can get a little chilly sometimes so I’ve mastered the art of staying warm without sacrificing style. So I’m sharing my tips on how to stay warm in a cold office but these totally apply to your home, your boyfriends ice cold apartment, your parents who refuse to turn on the heater house, etc!

Let me just start off by saying, layers are your best friend!!

This is probably obvious but there are rules for rocking lots of layers and not looking frumpy. I swear by all things Nikibiki seamless when I’m layering. Virtually all of my steps below will include some form of layering with Nikibiki Seamless items. They’re perfect because:

  1. They offer a smooth fit that doesn’t require fussing with it all day to get it to stay put.
  2. They are just thick enough to be a valuable added layer but no so thick that they feel heavy or prohibit movement.
  3. There are about 8 zillion* colors available so you can make them work with whatever look you’re trying to get. (*this may be a bit of an exaggeration but we carry at least 60 colors of Nikibiki items so you’ve got major versatility here!)

Long Sleeve + Chunky Knit

Pair a seamless crew neck long sleeve or seamless long sleeve turtleneck under your favorite chunky knit sweater for a warm but still stylish look. You can rock this in 3 different ways too…pure monochromatic (black on black or ivory on ivory would look lovely!), complimentary shades (light gray knit on charocal gray long sleeve, red knit on black long sleeve, etc.) or total contrast (burnt orange knit on navy long sleeve).

Source: For All Things Lovely
Source: For All Things Lovely

Long Sleeve + Cardigan

Layer up with a seamless long sleeve crew neck or scoop neck and your favorite cardigan. You could also add a little sass to this classic look with an animal print long sleeve underneath the cardigan. This lightweight pairing allows for ultimate comfort and is the perfect blank canvas for adding a scarf, warm jacket or jewelry depending on what your day entails!

Source: Gurl

Seamless Leggings + Jeans

Trust me on this one, it’s magic! You’ll be so warm and surprisingly comfy in this combination. They key to this is the perfect pair of leggings, they need to be sleek and comfy…plus a pair of jeans that isn’t skin tight (fitted is ok but this probably won’t work well with your skinny jeans). If you’ve got a casual office, this is a great way to get some mileage out of your distressed denim during the colder months. If your office has a more professional dress code, this will still work under a pair of dark wash jeans or even trouser style dress pants! Try out the look below with our red houndstooth leggings under your favorite pair of ripped jeans. Pair with a white button down & black blazer for a dressed up rebel look or a red or gray sweater for a comfy casual look.

Source: Project Inspired

Swap Tanks for Long Sleeves

It’s a pretty basic one but if you haven’t tried it yet, it will allow you transition your outfits from cool fall evenings into winter with 1 simple trick. For the outfits you’d normally wear with a tank, like a cardigan or fun kimono or denim jacket, swap our your tank top for a long sleeve top! Simple as that!

Source: Wachabuy
Source: Wachabuy

Flannel + Seamless Tank + Sweater

One of the most iconic fall-winter look is the button up chambray shirt or flannel under the sweater. But there is one key trick that will do double duty in keeping you warm with an extra layer but also keep your look sleek and smooth! You have to put on your layered your look in this order: Button up –> Seamless Tank–> Sweater. The seamless tank smooths out any lumps and bumps in the button up and keeps it from shifting all day while also providing a smoother surface for the sweater to be on. Check out this tutorial & breakdown to see what we’re talking about!

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Turtleneck + Blazer

This is the perfect outfit for sleek office warmth when you’ve got someone important to impress. You get to be warm & still ultra professional! We love the look of the almost slouchy turtleneck under the blazer but if you need more warmth, throw a seamless tank or long sleeve under the turtleneck sweater for smooth warmth. Tuck the front edge of the turtleneck sweater into your jeans or slacks to help define your figure.

Source: Gal Meets Glam
Source: Gal Meets Glam

Red Plaid Scarf + Neutral Basics

I have been wearing our red plaid scarf on an almost daily basis! It’s pretty big which allows for warmth and coverage, and it’s such a great piece to add a little fun to any neutral outfit! Pair any long sleeve neutral top (white, black, gray, navy, beige) with black denim & this plaid scarf and you’ve got a warm look that will make you look sophisticated in the office. Channel the look below & add a hint of leopard!

Source: The Preppy Leopard

Versatile Infinity Scarf

I think scarves are a must have for EVERY woman! They’re the ultimate accessory and I’m a firm believer that just about every outfit can be made better somehow with a scarf. This YouTube video breaks down 3 great ways to rock an infinity scarf including a belted vest style, caplet and traditional. I just love the versatility of them especially when you need a little extra warmth!

Source: YouTube

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