One Piece, Three Ways: Nikibiki Sport Colorblock Contrast Mesh Capris

All of us here at Repeat Possessions are obsessed with these new Nikibiki Sport Coloblock Contrast Mesh Capris! Nikibiki always makes the comfiest athletic wear that is thick enough to keep everything tight but still breathe…and you still get to look adorable while you’re wearing them!

Today, as part of our recurring post series, we are going to be showing you how to wear this ONE piece, THREE ways in different workout/fitness scenarios!

Look #1: Yoga or Pilates Class

Repeat-Possessions-Blog-1piece3ways-Luxe-boatneck-relaxed-top-gray  Repeat-Possessions-Blog-1piece3ways-Nikibiki-Sport-Adjustable-Sports-BraRepeat-Possessions-Blog-1piece3ways-Nikibiki-Colorblock_Capris_Black

Pair the Nikibiki Capris with this Black Nikibiki adjustable strap sports bra. Top the whole look with our casual relaxed boat neck top for a comfy, casual look that will allow you to cover up (before, during and/or after class) and still allow you to move, bent and twist as required. Namaste.

Look #2: Zumba Class



Next up is the perfect look for a Zumba class! First things first, if you’ve never taken a Zumba class, you’re seriously missing out! You literally do quickly choreographed dances in a room to upbeat music like salsa music, Beyonce, and Britney Spears! It’s got all the fun of going out dancing with your girlfriends but you get to do it wearing cute workout clothes and owning your sweatiness rather than trying to hide it! Pair the colorblock capris with this super soft yet supportive & festive Nikibiki Tie Dye Raceback Tank. We promise this look will fit right in with the instructors who usually rock neon tanks or shorts.

Look #3: Indoor Spin Cycling Class or Kickboxing Class


Last up we are paring the colorblock contrast capris with the Nikibiki Sport Basic Crop Top Tank. This¬†form fitting basic crop top is the perfect top to get moving and burn some calories in. We recommend this for high-intensity workouts like cycling or kickboxing because it’s got 4Way stretch for easy movement and 3D seamless knitting technology for added comfort AND it’s got a moisture management weave which keeps you dry!

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