How To Wear It: Bandeau Bra


The most underrated item in your closet is probably the one you should be wearing the most. The bandeau bra has always been a staple, but with the surge in sheer and loose cut tops, they’ve reached a new height in popularity. So how do you wear one if you’re not made of stone with wash board abs? Fear not, these little tops aren’t just for the fearless!

What I love about bandeaus is their ability to make ANY top wearable. See that gorgeous sheer crochet top that you’re not sure would be appropriate for the park? Through on a bandeau underneath and VOILA! No icky bra showing and no indecent exposure! bandeau-bra-under-lace-1

But they aren’t just for all sheer tops! Got a top that’s got great coverage everywhere else, but the back is just so low that you’re showing bra? Fix it easily by throwing a bandeau bra over it! I prefer to keep my strapless bra on under the bandeau, for extra support, but you could go without too if you don’t need that.bandeau-bra-low-back

And lastly, but my own personal favorite way to wear a bandeau bra, is with a loose muscle tank. Especially with lace, I find the little peek-a-boo of a feminine touch helps balance out the sporty look perfectly!



So now that you’ve seen a few creative ways to wear a bandeau bra, time to pick up a few for yourself! We’ve got solids in tons of colors, lace, with or without straps! Check out the full bandeau bra collection here!


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