How to Wear a Turtleneck with a Cocktail Dress

My favorite thing about the end of the year, or at least one of them, is going to holiday parties. Holiday parties are a great excuse for getting fancied up in cocktail dresses and wearing as many sparkles and sequins as your heart desires. One of the tough things about holiday parties are the fact that lots of cocktail dresses are likely to make you freeze your fancied up booty off with their minimal fabric. So what’s a girl to do when she wants to rock that sexy strapless LBD but still keep warm? Put a turtleneck under that dress! Trust me, it’s the cutest thing you never would have thought to try…but there are some rules to pulling it off and making it look chic.


How to Wear a Turtle Neck with a Cocktail Dress

Rule #1: Your LBD (or jumpsuit if that’s more your style) need to be tailored and fit properly. There needs to be structure to the piece. This is not the time for your shift dresses. We’re talking body hugging or at the very least, it needs to have a defined waist. This criss-cross tube dress is perfect because it’s structured enough to look sleek, sturdy enough to stay put so you’re not fussing with it all night, and got enough of it’s own style that it’s a unique piece you can wear over and over again.

Rule #2: Your turtleneck needs to be in a complimentary color. It doesn’t have to be the same color but you don’t want it to be so much of a contrast that it looks like you got dressed in the dark. Think neutral & universally complimentary colors: Black, White, Gray, Nude and because it’s winter, Burgundy. The turtleneck should also be fitted to maintain a sleek look, nothing would ruin this look more than a saggy elbow after an hour in your long sleeve top. This turtleneck is definitely the one you want to go with.

Rule #3: Be prepared to dress it up with accessories. A statement necklace & bracelet along with some great booties or heels really take this outfit to that next level. The statement necklace on top of the turtleneck works perfectly to pull together the whole look and make sure everything comes off as intentional rather than “I’m just trying to stay warm.”


Get the Look:

Nikibiki Black Criss Cross Tube Dress

Nikibiki Long Sleeve Turtleneck

Gunmetal Crystal Teardrop Statement Necklace

Black Crystal Bracelet

Black Crystal Clasp Bracelet

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