How To Style Skinny Jeans For The Office

Let’s face it. Most of us millennials don’t have the typical corporate office job anymore. Perhaps you’re a freelancer or work in an environment with a little bit of leeway in the traditional business casual attire, but in most instances full suits aren’t necessary in the office these days. I, myself, run my own social media business and the only times I ever dress up are for business lunches or seminars, and even then making a classy fashion statement tends to be more important than formality. That being said, I think (when styled properly), skinny jeans are perfectly acceptable in a professional setting.

Here are some ideas on how to style skinny jeans for the office:

Modern Professional


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It’s a common theme that what gives an outfit with skinny jeans a “professional” look is what you wear up top. Try styling dark washed jeans, such as our Dark Stretch Skinnies, with a patterned blouse and flowy collared trench jacket. Pair it with your favorite minimalist jewelry and close-toed black flats or heels to complete the look!

Put Together Casual

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I absolutely love this look! It blends elements of casual and formal pieces for the perfect “I’ve got my life together but not trying too hard to be someone I’m not” office look. Start this look with our Etienne Marcel Skinny Jeans in black or navy blue. Pair them up top with a light-colored relaxed fit cotton top and a smart, modern cut blazer. Add some close toed heels with a little flair and your favorite handbag.

School Uniform Redux

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Bringing back school uniforms with an adult twist. I suggest starting with our Etienne Marcel Skinny Jeans in either light grey or white for this look. Find yourself a nice light blue, collared, button-up top along with a menswear style navy blazer. Tuck your collared top into your skinnies and pair with a leather belt and matching booties. Scrunch your blazer sleeves up for more of a casual look.

Fun Professional


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I adore this look because it’s professional, yet fun. Slip into our Etienne Marcel Skinny Jeans in white and pair it with a simple patterned blouse and colorful blazer for your “wow” factor. I suggest tucking in the blouse and using a simple belt for a little extra professionalism. Accessorize with minimalist jewelry and you’re good to go.

What are your favorite to style skinny jeans for the office? Tell us in the comments below!

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