5 Creative Ways To Wear Scarves

Fall fashions are the best fashions. The air is crisp, you can wear boots again without melting, and hot coffee is back on trend. One of my favorite things about cooler weather is that scarves are at the forefront of my outfit choices. A good scarf and a pair of boots can totally make an outfit go from comfy couch wear to farmers market chic if you know how to wear them.

Here are my favorite creative ways to wear scarves!

1. The Knotted Necklace

RP Blog Necklace Knot

image via hellonatural.co

Begin by hanging the scarf around your neck. Wrap one end around your hand and pull through the loop to make a loose knot. Then take the other end and pull it under the side knot loop and then back over. Now you’ve got a stylish scarf knot!

2. The Bow Knot


image via yetanotherbeautysite

Try this out with our favorite open-ended plaid scarf and pair with a good pair of jeans and your favorite leather jacket.

3.Braided Tie Knot

RP Blog Atlantis

image via scarves.com

This style is super easy will keep your neck warm for the cool seasons. Try this knot with our T-Party Cheetah Print Ombre Scarf! The mixture of the colors and pattern will bring any outfit to life.

4. Braided Tie Knot

RP Blog braided knot

image via gurl.com

While this knot works best with a thinner scarf, you can pull it off with just about any width. Pair this with our Comfy Loose Knit Sweater for a cozy fall look.

5. Versatile Infinity Scarves

And lastly, here are some fun ways to wear infinity scarves!

RP Blog infinity scarves

image via pinterest

Who knew there were so many ways to wear an infinity scarf? Any of these styles would look amazing with our classic Houndstooth Infinity Scarf paired with a sweater, black leggings, and boots.

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