15 Ways to Wear Metallic Tattoos This Summer

Temporary metallic tattoos made a HUGE splash last year! Everyone was rocking them for every occasion: festivals, nights out, brunch, date night, beach days, at the office & more. Luckily, metallic tattoos are here to stay so we’re going to share some great ways to rock these fantastic accessories. Whether you’re new to temporary metallic tattoos or you’ve been rocking them since day one, you’ll love the inspiration below.

Metallic Tattoos On Your Hands

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Add more glam to a hand full of stackable rings and festival style jewelry with some metallic tattoos! One down the back of your hand, stemming from your middle finger and a couple delicate ones on your finger are a simple way to add some fun. Bonus points for changing up the direction of them on your fingers!

Pair with our bamboo short sleeve swing dress for a nice, neutral outfit that lets your metallic tattoos stand out!


Not ready to commit to a hand full of metallic tattoos? Test the waters with a two simple rings tattoos and a killer mani!

Pair this look with jeans & a tank for brunch or make this office ready with a pencil skirt and a blazer.


Time for all the festival, hippie vibes! Load up your fingers major statement rings, throw on a couple larger metallic tattoos on your hands and you’re all set to rock out.

Pair it with anything fringe, some distressed denim shorts, a flannel & a hat!

Metallic Tattoos On Your Wrists


Ready to go simple again? Skip the noisy bracelet/watch combo and pair your vintage gold watch with a gold temporary metallic tattoo bracelet for a sleek look that’s ready for anything!

Don’t have a vintage gold watch? Try pairing your metallic tattoo bracelet with this gold love knot bracelet for a similar look!


Mix & match colors and styles of your metallic tattoos for a unique look! Who says gold & silver can’t be worn together? and of course, black & gold are such a classic combo! Pair up your metallic tattoos as bracelets or a temporary wrist tattoo.

Pair it with anything that will let you show them off! Great with fun festive pieces like a tie-dye sweater or a simple classic white tee!


Mix it up and go mirror images on your wrists with metallic tattoo bracelets on each wrist and mirrored smaller designs (like the chevrons above) with one on the top of your forearm and one on the underside of your forearm!

Pair this mirror image look with some fun floral shorts for a flirty look.

Metallic Tattoos On Your Arms & Legs


Go for a very unique and modern style with this simple line going down the side of your arm that continues down onto your thumb! It’s a great way to subtly rock metallic tattoos. Pair with minimal jewelry and a casual outfit like denim & a flowy tank.


Go full on statement piece with big metallic tattoos running up the inside of your forearms! Pair with tons of eclectic jewelry, feathers, fringe and more for a PERFECT festival look!

Pair it with this high-low knit vest for a light weight piece that will complete the look!


Metallic tattoos are perfect for fuss-free arm cuffs. And they double as a great way to draw attention to those sculpted arms you’ve been working on! Try this look with a thicker tattoo (roughly 1/2″ – 1″ thick) and minimal additional accessories.

Pair it with a white dress for lightweight, ultra summery vibes!


These metallic tattoos are PERFECT for yogis who want to sparkle without jewelry that will get in the way of your downward dog pose! Throw on a tattoo as an arm cuff & major bonus points for showing off those long, lean legs with a big piece on the side of your thigh.

Pair it with this sports bra & these fitness shorts.


Add some major sass to an all white outfit with a lush white sweater & a pair of white shorts with metallic tattoos across your thigh.

Metallic Tattoos On Your Back & Neck


Nothing screams glamorous summer quite like metallic tattoos on your back! A bold piece following by a streamlined simple metallic tattoo down the center of your back is fun and sexy way to get dressed up in a bikini. Throw on a big floppy hat and a pair of sunnies and you are all set for summer.


Go for more of festival look with a big statement piece across the center of your back, peeking out through an open back top. Pair with distressed denim shorts, fringe, and all the bracelets your body can handle! Make sure to throw your hair up in a messy bun on a braid crown to let that metallic tattoo shine.


Dress up your decolletage with metallic tattoos as necklaces. Some tattoo sheets will come with necklaces but if they don’t, it’s your chance to get creative! Pair chains, feathers or stars with solitary statement pieces to create a necklace (like on the right above).

Pair with a fun strapless dress so the necklace can stand out!


Alright, so I’m completely obsessed with this placement! It’s such a clever, simple, sexy way to elongate your neck while adding a little bit of sparkle! Pair this with basically any top with just make sure your hair is pulled up or to the opposite side so this piece can really stand out.

So what are you waiting for? Get your metallic tattoos now!

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