Hot For Niki Biki Jeggings

At the grammy gifting party with 102.7 KISS FM the hot item of the night was Niki Biki Denim Leggings!! Wooooo! Are you surprised?? I was definitely not shocked that these where a loved item! Loved by all the celebs these are great for a night out on the town or just hanging with your friends! Oh did I mention they where seemless??? Sooo comfy you will probably want to wear them at home! Dress them up with your favorite heels and look sexy! A must have in 2010!

Niki Biki Leggings/Jeggings Information:

  • One Size Fits All
  • Seamless leggings, denim look
  • Full length pant
  • Fabric: 42% nylon, 50% rayon & 8% spandex
  • Care instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang dry
  • Designer: Niki Biki
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with cross fiber elastic so the waist stays in place and will not roll down.
  • These have a slightly thicker material perfect for all over coverage
  • Black: Shown on Model
  • All have Niki Biki on back pockets
  • $33.00

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