Get The Look: Wide Leg Linen Pants

wide leg linen pants

Off to far away lands? Traveling can sometimes be a drag but it doesn’t have to look like it! Grab a pair of wide leg linen pants, a comfy cut off sweatshirt and a statement piece of jewelry and you’ll be chic and comfortable the entire flight! I love this look for flying but it also works for the grocery store, running errands, or around the neighborhood. The perfect way to look fashionable without looking like you “tried” too hard.

wide leg linen pants

wide leg linen pants flashdance sweatshirt white smooth tank cuff bracelet

Wide Leg Linen Pants Style

To give you even more inspiration on how these pants can be worn either dressed up or dressed down, take a look at these lovely ladies sporting the trend out in the real world. You can see how easy it is to go from casual to dressy with the right top and accessories! No one needs to know you’re totally comfortable and practically wearing pjs! It’s chic darn it!


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