Nicky Hilton in James Jeans Moto Jeans and Fur Vest GET THE LOOK for LESS!

Moto Jeans are showing up everywhere! I love following other blogs, they are such a great inspiration for up and coming trends and how to style these new trends. One blog I can’t get enough of is The Denim Blog – considering I have a slight hoarding situation with my own jean collection this seems an obvious choice.

They also show celebrities wearing the newest denim trends and have great photos – like this one of Nicky Hilton wearing James Jeans Moto Jeans. LOVE this look, especially with the fur vest and the red Chanel purse for a pop of color on this otherwise very dramatic black outfit.

Let’s see…
James Jeans: $180ish
Fur Vest: who know$
Chanel Purse: don’t even go there!

What’s a jean hoarding girl to do? Well… like I always say: “I can do that!

!iT Jeans has the Moto Trend working with Tough Cookie and they’re only $88
Niki Biki has this fun faux fur vest you can wear SO MANY ways…only $42 oh and they have white too!
uh… the red Chanel purse…some items just can’t be replaced!
BUT with all the money you just saved on this outfit you’re that much closer to actually owning the real deal!

GET THE LOOK HERE! Happy Shopping!

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