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Hi loves! Happy hump day here from Repeat Po! As you may or may not know, I’m the mother of a crazy little redheaded toddler named Oliver. Being a mom, especially a boy mom, means I have to be ready to get dirty, climb, chase, and rough house. So when it comes to fashion, my options are sometimes limited for practical reasons. That doesn’t mean, however, that I want to be buried in baggy sweats all day. I still have to see the outside world once in awhile, so looking put together is important to me. But so is being comfortable.

So today I’m introducing a new series I want to share with you: Toddler Approved Pieces! Each month I’ll feature an outfit that makes you feel good, look fashionable but also has practical applications when dealing with a wild toddler at your feet. Check out the look below and I’ll go over why it’s perfect for moms like me!


First up is the top. The Tie Dye Swing Tank from T-Party is wonderful. The material of this tank, like everything from T-Party, is super soft and heavenly. The cut is perfect for anyone who wants a looser fit on bottom but fitted at the top. Its flattering without being too baggy. But my favorite thing about this top is the print. I call it “dark and stormy”, I love the neutral colors of this tie dye. It’s like tie dye for grown ups! And the best part is, this print hides almost any stain your kid can throw your way! Playing in the mud, getting hit with applesauce, or a cup of juice lands on you, you won’t notice with this top!


Next, since we’re nearing the end of summer, some days maybe a bit chilly, so layering with a cute jacket is always a plus! I like the classic Denim Jean Jacket. This works great with this outfit but this jacket will be a true work horse in your closet for fall. It goes with everything! Layer over tops and dresses for a super cute and trendy look. What makes it perfect for moms is the denim is light weight and the sleeves aren’t super tight fitting. This gives you full range of motion when you’re giving piggy back rides or climbing on the playground.


Last, but certainly not least, the bottoms! We have tons of great leggings in the shop, but lately I’ve been OBSESSED with the new Nikibiki Sport Collection, the Capri Performance Pants are what I love for this outfit. Sure they are workout pants, but they look great and hold up so well to constant wear and tear. The waist band is by far my favorite part. Its a nice firm hold on the tummy so even if I wanted to wear a tight top, there would be no muffin top here!


Pair these pieces with some red nail polish (after the little one is asleep of course) and some cute black sandals and BAM! Effortless outfit for any day!

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