Get The Look: T-Party Ombre Maxi Skirt

Sometimes a little personal information goes a long way. As an example, I live and breathe all products which we sell on our web site. Time and time again I shock myself on the comfortable soft and colorful aspects of our products.

First of all, I’d like to tell you about a skirt which I now own. Needing something comfortable for traveling and yet looking cute and not too “workout-casual” like how I usually go, I thought I’d step it up and be a little more glamorous without being overdressed and uncomfortable for a flight. I selected the T-Party Ombre Maxi Skirt. It’s like I’m wearing pj’s but uber classy and comfortable. The drawstring sides really help to disguise my muffin top. Well with this skirt, amazing, no muffin top because there isn’t a permanent waistline. So. BINGO!! Win-win.

ombre maxi skirt


I paired it with my seamless camisole, but it can also be paired with a black, metal grey, rock or taupe camisole, tank top or racer back. I love adding color but this outfit can be changed in so many ways easily by selecting one top over another.




I also added a thicker banded bracelet from Good Works, the Vintage Come Together Cuff Bracelet. There are many colors to select from, but for this outfit, I choose the Coco color. I love the simplicity of how it goes on the wrist.  There are 6 bands, but yet attached on the clasp so it makes putting it on a breeze. I am also a fan of the messages embedded amongst the rivets, studs and crystals…DREAM, believe, faith, SOW LOVE, Speak Kindness, Plant Peace, LIVE IN UNITY FREEDOM and ACCEPT DIVERSITY. Need I say more? They are all my motto.

vintage cuff bracelet

I have yet to pick out the flats to wear, but since it’s a beachy vacation, most likely I’ll be barefoot most of the time, so I’m moving slow at picking out the right pair to wear on the plane.


For the “unmentionables” as my mother-in-law calls them….I’ll be wearing my all time favorite Nikibiki shorts in black. They hold my tummy in just enough and make me feel a little more covered. I’m not a fan of slips from the old days and I just feel free-er (is that a word?) and more comfortable than if I wore a thong. Is that TMI? Oh well, it is what it is, and I am set.

nikibiki seamless shorts

If I needed a sweater, I’ll take my Nikibiki Cashmere Hooded Cardigan. It’s light enough to fight off the hot flashes yet awesome enough to complete this jazzy outfit.

nikibiki cardigan


If you ever need assistance putting together an ensemble, please contact our shopping specialists. They will be more than happy to put it together for you.

855-2-REPEAT   or  855-273-7328

Get this look:
tparty ombre maxi skirt




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