Get The Look: Simple and Chic Way to wear Striped Maxi Skirt

We are still going ga-ga over T-party’s oh-so-comfy foldover elastic waistband maxi skirts! These days, when its not quite hot enough for shorts but still too balmy for pants, the maxi skirt comes to the rescue!

I love pairing mine with a basic tee or tank. It’s simple, yet chic. Not too fussy for a day in the park but also just enough glam for a dinner out. I just adore this pairing of the grey striped skirt with a basic loose fitting white tee (if the tee is too sheer, throw a white camisole under it!) and a fun light weight floral scarf.

The base colors mean you can pull out ANY color scarf to add a pop of color. I think it’s perfect for that scarf you bought a year ago because the loudness “spoke” to you, yet you’ve since tucked it away because you just can’t find the right outfit for it. Now that scarf has purpose! That scarf and your new T-Party Maxi Striped Skirt are now BFFs!

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