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Maternity Chic

For my baby shower, Andrea sent me some goodies for myself from the store (momma needs presents too, right?!) They couldn’t have come at a better time! As I near the end of my pregnancy and the weather warms up, I find myself looking for a way to still dress like me but also be comfortable and cool. And of course, show off the bump! I ADORE this outfit and I would wear it every dang day if I could!

What I love about the striped skirt from T-Party, aside from the fold over top which makes it so comfy under the belly, is that the cut in straight down. A couple of my other maxi skirts flare out towards the bottom, making them appear more casual. Which is fine, but the cut of this skirt makes it a bit more dressy. A bit more chic. I’ve worn it out for a day of shopping, at night for a nice date night, and even to a funeral! It sounds morbid but I was PANICKED when I knew I had one to attend and had no idea what I could wear that still fit me, luckily this skirt was the key!

The smooth racer back tank top from Repeat Possessions is also another item I can’t stop wearing! It stretches perfectly over my expanding belly without feeling tight at all. No packed sausage here! Hides everything just right. I love wearing it with the skirt but I also pair it with my maternity capris, a fedora and some chunky shoes for a simple, classic look.

Best part about both of these pieces is that once baby arrives, they STAY in my closet! I will enjoy wearing these as I get my post-preg body back and the look will still be just as chic! So if you’re in need something for your maternity wardrobe that will grow with you, I HIGHLY recommend this outfit!

Pair with:
Gold Cuff Bracelet by Bonjour Belle
Livy Sandal in Black by Gee’WaWa

Got maternity fit questions? Feel free to contact us about our styles and fitting for pregnancy. We will be happy to advise on which items you’ll enjoy the most and get the most wear out of!

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