Get The Look: Fall Layered Outfit From Pinterest

If you’re pinterest obsessed like me then you’ve no doubt seen this adorable layered look pinned at least 100 hundred times. It’s fall layering done perfectly with a chunky knit sweater over a chambray denim top and white tee. I’ve searched all over the internet for this sweater for myself and alas, it seems it’s no longer available anywhere! Boo! But then I remembered WE have a navajo sweater by ellison that was a similar cut and style! AND we now have a chambray denim shirt in the perfect dark blue!

SUCCESS! Now I (uh I mean you, too of course) can get the same lovely fall layered look for fall!

Do me a favor and share this with any of your fellow pinners you see pinning this outfit 😉

Navajo Sweater by Ellison
Chambray Denim Top by Lemon Tree
Navy Leggings by Repeat Possessions
Loose White Tee

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