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If you’ve seen the last two installments of the Hunger Games films, you might have noticed that jumpsuits have formed a large part of Katniss Everdeen’s wardrobe! Fans of the series, the character Ms. Everdeen herself, or the amazingly talented and beautiful Jennifer Lawrence can get the utilitarian look at Repeat Possessions!

But before JLaw was rocking the grey jumpsuit with others in District 13, Katniss was touring the districts in a charcoal, sleeveless jumpsuit paired with a chestnut brown belt and lace up boots.

Mockingjay jumpsuit: catchign fire tour Mockingjay Jumpsuite: catching fire peacekeeper

Thanks to the styles of Etienne Marcel Denim, you can recreate the sleek and lengthening look! Etienne Marcel’s Tencel Jumper comes in a black and dark grey similar to that of Katniss’s jumpsuit. You can pair them with boots like Katniss or wear them with heels for something with a little more of a feminine flair!

Mockingjay black jumpsuitMockingjay dark grey jumpsuit

If you’ve seen Mockingjay Part 1, then you’re aware that District 13 was a big fan of Katniss’s jumpsuit since everyone there wears a jumpsuit everyday! Sure, they may claim uniformity and equality, but I’m convinced that they all thought JLaw looked great in her jumper while on tour. And they more or less wanted to be just like her!

The-Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-–-Part-1-Jennifer-Lawrence-8 hunger-games-mockingjay-part-1-jennifer-lawrence

This time around Katniss is wearing a slightly lighter shade, closer to a light grey or even an olive green. But not to worry, Etienne Marcel jumpers also come in these shades! So join Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Moore in District 13 with your very own jumpsuit!

Mockingjay Light Grey Jumpsuit Julianne Moore on Mockingjay setMockingjay Military Jumpsuit

If you’re nervous like Effie Trinket/ Elizabeth Banks, you can always accessorize!


Not sure if the jumpsuit look is for you? You can also consider the Etienne Marcel Tunic Dress, which still gives you that combat-cool, utilitarian style but in the form of a versatile dress!

Etienne Marcel Tunic Dress Front Etienne Marcel Tunic Dress Back



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