Gee WaWa Lonnie Oxford

Gee WaWa Lonnie is an oxford with an edge.
The oxford is THE shoe of the moment and the Gee WaWa Lonnie is no exception. Gee WaWa shoes are sophisticated, fresh, classic, rugged, hip, fun, and above all else… Gee WaWa stands out for its attention to craftsmanship, creativity, and class. Gee WaWa shoes are designed with an eclectic artisan appeal for the sophisticated woman of today.

Gee WaWa Lonnie Oxford stays true to its style and look, inspired by the classic with a touch of the bohemian.

As always, only the finest materials are used for the perfect style and unique flair that is Gee WaWa footwear. Become part of the elite Gee WaWa club: you’ll love the look and feel while everyone else will notice your chic style!

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