Dressing The Bump: Kristy’s Pregnancy Updates Week 34 – 41!

Well I finally got a chance to get on here and share the last of my updates! Little Oliver is here and he’s amazing! However, I need more hands and hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to! Enjoy the last pregnancy updates, I will miss these! But hey, there’s always monthly baby updates ;D


Week 34:
Your Grandma and Auntie Jackie threw Momma and Daddy an awesome Mario themed baby shower this week! There was lots of crafty goodness involved, which Momma loved! Once the party started, Momma and Daddy were completely overjoyed by all the friends and family that showed up to shower your arrival with love!

It was a wonderful day. The only regret Momma and Daddy had was not having enough time to spend wth each and every person who came to be a part of it. Don’t tell anyone, but all of the thoughtfulness made Momma cry when the party was over. You have some pretty rocking family (blood-related and otherwise.)

Aside from feeling so loved, Momma has been feeling pretty sluggish too. Doctor has ordered her to slow it way down. She’s trying her best but it is very hard when there is so much she wants to do before you get here! We’ve all decided that Saturday June 1st at noon would be the most convenient time for everyone involved. So please put that down in your little baby schedule. Thanks!

P.S. Your Momma’s left foot looks like a blown up balloon. Even though that seems funny, it is not.


Week 35:
This week your Papa, Grandma Denise and Auntie Elif threw Momma and Daddy their own baby shower! This time it was ComiCon themed! Everyone had to dress as a superhero or wear a cape. As you can see, Momma got VERY into this. You’ll find that Momma loves any excuse to wear a costume, especially if it means Daddy has to too.

It was a blast seeing everyone in their super personas. Even your big sister Zelda sported her own puppy cape! There was more food than your Momma could possibly handle, although that didn’t stop her from trying! Every detail was fabulous! The biggest surprise of all was seeing your (Great) Aunt Raena there all the way from Texas. She made your Momma cry. She can’t wait to meet you. Everyone partied all night, and I do mean ALL night. It was awesome.

Now that baby showers are over, Momma and Daddy finally have the most essential things for your arrival. Momma and Daddy learned how to put your car seat in the car and work your stroller (without breaking anything or yelling at each other!). It’s been quite a learning experiencing with all your fancy baby gadgets.

Momma is feeling SO heavy now, which makes her waddle quite a bit. The doctor says you’re very tall, just like Daddy. Momma is pretty sure you are gonna be taller than her by the time you are 12 years old.


Week 36:
This was a pretty tough week for your Momma. She had to say goodbye to her kitty, Zeke. You got to feel and hear him purr on Momma’s tummy quite a lot, you seemed to like it. Sadly, kitty was getting very old and not feeling good. Momma and Daddy had to let him rest in peace but we will tell you all about him someday.

Momma has been pretty sad because of this. But your kicks and squirming make her smile. She knows that soon she’ll be too busy chasing after you to be sad. Daddy and Momma went therapy shopping to get everything else we needed for you! The hospital bag is all packed and waiting in the car. Now we feel ready. Really ready. Seriously, come out now.

Your Momma feels like she’s going to pop! Hence the balloon…which actually DID pop after this shoot. Which Momma takes as a good omen. She also got to go swimming for the first time. That was AMAZING! She enjoyed not having achy feet and feeling weightless for a bit. You seemed to enjoy the fun too because you kicked and stretched around like you were playing.

This week was also Cinco De Mayo, so Momma made sure to stuff her face with a burrito that was bigger than you.


Week 40:

Happy due date to you! You’ve decided to be late, so you are your mother’s son after all. But that’s ok. Momma and Daddy had time to get your room and the house more ready for you which made them feel a lot better.

At your last checkup, the doctor finally admitted to Momma that you aren’t going to be a little baby. Way to spoil her dreams! You were about 7lbs at last guess and very long. Which is obvious to Momma cuz you’ve been stretching out in all directions quite a lot.

Although Momma can’t wait to meet you to, she is also having a hard time imagining not being pregnant anymore. She’s gotten quite used to carrying you around and even though she isn’t very fast or agile anymore, she has really enjoyed it. You were a good little baby to carry around and Momma and Daddy hope you’ll continue to be one once you are on the outside.

Everyone is now patiently waiting your arrival. Or not so patiently. Your momma is giving everyone panic attacks with her updates or lack there of so she has to be more thoughtful about what she says. You are so anticipated! You are like a high budget, well casted summer block buster!


Week 41:

Welcome to the world Oliver! You arrived on Saturday June 1st at 11:48pm. After a VERY long 45 hours of labor your Momma FINALLY got you here! But not without lots of help and support from your Daddy, G-Ma, and your aunties. It was an exhausting few days but Momma doesn’t regret a bit of it. Even though it didn’t all go according to plan, the minute Momma held you, it didn’t matter. Momma promises she’ll try not to be one of THOSE moms that reminds you of how hard it was everytime you’re bad. But she does have a trophy, just sayin’.

All, and I do mean ALL, of your Momma and Daddy’s family and friends were there to celebrate your arrival. They kinda took over the entire waiting room and lots of them even stayed the night waiting for you. That’s how loved you are. It was pretty special, and made Momma cry, of course.

Slowly everyone got their turn to meet you and take a billion pictures of you. You surprised everyone by having a full head of the reddest hair anyone has ever seen! Momma is pretty sure she jinxed you with that. Sorry about that. The ginger jokes will forever be a part of your life, better just get used to it now.

Right now, we think you’re a mix of Daddy’s eyes and lips, with Momma’s face shape and nose. You’re such a good little baby, you sleep great with a belly full of milk and make the cutest faces and little coos. You’re so chill, we can take you anywhere. Stay that way. We beg you.

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