Dressing The Bump: Kristy’s Pregnancy Updates Week 27 – 32


Getting close to the end of this pregnancy! Here are the updates from the last few weeks!


Week 27:

We started our birth class this week and it has been amazing! Momma and Daddy are learning all about how to naturally bring you into this world. We’re learning how to meditate and stay calm in stressful situations. Something tells us that practice will help later in your life as well.

You’ve been growing a lot lately. Stretching your Momma’s tummy to the max! Sometimes she can barely breathe because you’ve decided that cuddling up to her lungs is fun for a nap. Your kicks are now steady and solid. You love to shimy and shake around in there any time Momma eats.

We’ve made some great head way on cleaning out your bedroom. Still lots to do but the major things have been cleared and now we just have to organize and start painting! Daddy insisted that painting was a MUST. Momma will remind him of that when he remembers how much fun that WASN’T when we moved in.


Week 29:

This week was St Patty’s Day! Unfortunately neither you or Momma get to REALLY celebrate this holiday the way it should be for quite some time. But Momma still had her corn beef and cabbage!

You’ve got plenty of Irish flowing in your veins from your Momma. And if you look anything like her, be ready for an onslaught of leprechaun jokes. But hopefully you’ll get your Daddy’s height. You’ll have the Norwegian on his side to thank for that.

You’ve been a wiggle worm lately. Kicking less but stretching and pushing more. You make your Momma’s belly look like something from a horror film. While she loves to know you’re in there moving around, the squirms give her the willies. You have a knack for poking Momma in the ribs and pelvis.

Momma has started to get puffy as you pack on the pounds. Her most favorite (not really) thing is that she now has ONE cankle. Just the one. The right is perfectly normal looking while the left looks like an elephant’s foot. If you could be so kind as to even that out before capri season, that’d be great!


Week 30:

This week you’ve been jumping around like crazy! Somersaults and flips make your Momma feel a little uneasy but she’s glad to know you’re enjoying what little room you have left in there. You’ve also been quite the hiccup monster this week. Momma and Daddy love those.

Momma is feeling a lot like Humpty Dumpty these days. She can’t reach her toes and getting up usually takes another set of hands or she has to roll around to her side. But your Daddy has been pretty nice about it. He even treated her to a pedicure so she’d stop begging him to paint her toes.

The question of your size has been weighing (HA!) on your Momma’s mind a lot now. She would very much like to you to be around the 6 lbs range but Daddy seems to think that 8 lbs is the minimum for a Flanigan baby. Prove him wrong, please.

We got some colors picked out for your room so painting will begin soon! No arriving early, ok? Also the showers are being planned and Momma finally finished your registry! Just so you know, it was difficult to make wise parenting choices when Lion King items were involved…


Week 32:

Momma and Daddy finally got a peek at your face this week. And boy, do you look pretty darn cute! It looks like you’ve got your Daddy’s nose and lips and your Momma’s cheeks and round face. Your Momma was SO happy to see your enormous cheeks. She can’t wait to kiss them to pieces!

You were so good for your photo session. We watched you yawn, open your eyes and play with your umbilical cord. It pretty rad! Some people are a little creeped out by the 3D pics, so Momma is only offering them on a request basis. Except for that one over there, of course.

Momma has had A LOT of Braxton Hicks contractions this week. Those are weird. But she’s been told its practice so that must be a good thing. She also has had an even harder time sleeping due to something called restless legs. Yea, that’s a real thing. So while you’re wiggling around inside of her, she is wishing she could wiggle out of her own skin. Fun!

As we make changes to the house, Momma and Daddy are trying to get your big sister pup ready for your arrival and the adjustment. She will be your best friend some day, but right now all she wants is to do eat your toys. But she is learning your name and what belongs to you. She also can’t wait to kiss your cheeks to pieces.

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