Dressing The Bump: Kristy’s Pregnancy Update

long sleeve seamless top

I said I’d keep you all posted on my progress and here it is! The last two weeks have had many changes, the belly seems to grow everyday!

We found out it is a boy! Yippee! Name is still up in the air though…Oliver or Jack…more on this later…

Xmas was celebrated happily with all the family! I’m happy to say I wore this exact thing for dinner and I felt amazing. I love showing off the bump for the family to enjoy while still feeling comfortable and not constricted. It even had to stretch a little extra to fit all the cookies in! Hehe!

Repeat Possessions Long Sleeve Top

Repeat Possessions Smooth Seamless Tank Top

Keep checking in, more updates coming soon!

Are you wearing RP through your pregnancy? Share your pics with us!

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