Dressing The Bump In Repeat Possessions Seamless

We’ve always said how amazing out seamless line is for maternity. The stretchy one size fits all tops fit from beginning to end easily. And now we get the chance to prove it! See I decided to go and get knocked up =) And as excited as I am for my first child, I’m equally excited to show you how perfectly these tops are for all stages of pregnancy! Each week I’m taking progress photos to watch my baby bump grow, and each week I’ll be wearing the Repeat Possessions seamless collection.

Here we go! Hope you enjoy!

I’m wearing the Repeat Possessions Long Sleeve Top in White and the Repeat Possessions Smooth Seamless Tank Top. When I first got them I wasn’t showing at all and they fit GREAT of course! But what I love even more is how they’ve been growing with me. My favorite outfit so far as I slowly grow out of my normal clothes are these tops, a sweatshirt vest over the top, some black tights, and my comfy boots. I can show off the bump without feeling self conscious at all because they stretch just right! They are also long enough to cover me completely. They are so SO comfortable! I feel secure without feeling like a packed sausage, something that’s rare these days! I need to get more in every color because I can’t stop wearing them!

Repeat Possessions Long Sleeve Top

Repeat Possessions Smooth Seamless Tank Top

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