Swimsuit Trends 2014

Is there a particular swimsuit trend that has caught your attention? Or are there styles that you generally prefer because they flatter your body shape? Well, I myself have always been picky about my choice of swimsuit because that’s a lot of body exposure! So I’ve scoured the web in search of noteworthy bathing suit trends and styles.

The Peter Pilotto for Target Printed Swimsuit is one of my favorite Swimsuit trend: Peter Pilotto for Targetswimsuit trends because it returns to the classic swimsuit. If you’re serious about going for a swim but would prefer something a little more stylish than the designated athletic swimsuit, I’d try something like this one. It has a cute, unique print and enough coverage to keep you from worrying about accidental slips!










Swimsuit trends: Sofia Vergara


If you’re a fan of one piece swimsuit trends, you might also like the styles of these celebrities. Sofia Vergara looked amazing in her neon, cut-out one-piece swimsuit. The cut-outs of the swimsuit accentuate her curves wonderfully, bringing attention to her well-known hourglass figure. I know we can’t all look like Sofia Vergara. But if you’ve got beautiful curves like her, invest in a swimsuit that will show them off!









Swimsuit trends: Kirsten Dunst


You may also remember Kirsten Dunst’s photoshoot from her trip to Mexico for her bachelorette party and wedding. While on the beach, she donned an adorable vintage-inspired swimsuit. You might have noticed that the vintage look has become quite the swimsuit trend over the past couple of years. Who can say no to the cute patterns of polka dots, gingham, and stripes that reigned over the swimsuits of past decades?









Speaking of vintage, high-waisted swimsuits have hit the scene as well! Various celebrities have been showing off their approval of the retro trend, but what do you think? Do you want to channel your inner pin-up girl? Or are high-waisted swimsuits just not for you?

Swimsuit trends: celebrity high-waisted swimsuit

(From left to right: Kat Graham, Katy Perry, Lauren Conrad, Ashley Greene and Serena Williams)

Another swimsuit trend to look out for is the longline bikini. I guess it can be considered the opposite of a high-waisted bikini, unless you’re wearing a suit that is both longline and high-waisted! Longline bikinis extend slightly over the top of your ribcage. So there’s more coverage and support than a triangle bikini top.

Swimsuit Trend: Longline Bikini

Swimsuit trend: VS Longline Bikini
Victoria’s Secret Longline Bikini

Another swimsuit trend gaining popularity is the strappy bikini. These can come in all shapes and forms since there are endless possibilities to the way straps are used in a bikini. Just check out Rihanna and Kimberley Garner.

081811-fashion-rihanna-bathing-suit kimberley-garner-bikini-ic

Or if you like a more athletic look, perhaps a trendy rashguard will suit your fancy. You have to admit, LeAnn Rimes looks awesome in her rashguard!

article-2552212-1B361A7000000578-722_634x940 1391540524_leann-rimes-lg

How do you like some of the swimsuit trends that have been popping up over the last couple of summers? Can you see yourself trying out a new look? Or do you think you’ll stick with the now more established triangle bikinis and halter tops?

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