Are Niki Biki Jeggings right for your body type?

This something I asked myself when jeggings first in the scene. I’ve quite a set of hips on me so I was hesitant to even wear skinny jeans at first…But then I learned the tricks to flattering my shape while staying on trend. Jeggings follow similar rules so if you know them and your body, you will be able to wear them!

Rule #1

Well, not really a rule but say, the first step, is to determine what your body type is…Everyone seems to have a different name for each shape…using fruit, geometry, or random household objects. Here is a chart for the basic shapes:

Rule #2

To wear in place of actual jeans, ALWAYS go for jeggings with pockets. This adds structure which flatters your tush and keeps you from looking like you’re wearing pjs. Thankfully, Niki Biki Jeggings have ALL the details of actual jeans!

Rule #3

Choose a wash that flatters your shape. If you have long lean legs then congrats you can go with light or dark washes! However, if you’re like me and have thick, curvy legs, a dark wash is going to be your best friend! I would go with the Black Wash in the Niki Biki Jeggings for an ultra slimming effect.

Rule #4

Pair them correctly! Because these are skin-tight, unless you’re a stick like Paris Hilton, wearing a short tight top is not advised. The most flattering options are long tunics, tees and blazers. My favorite is Harmony’s look with the Striped Tank Tunic

And there you have it! A few simple rules to follow and you can be rocking jeggings with the best of ’em!

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