Ali Lohan for PRVCY Premium Denim

Move over Lindsay, there is a new Lohan in town! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) Ali Lohan has been signed as the new face of PRVCY Premium Denim for their spring/summer 2012 campaign. E! got some sneak peeks for us to check out!

Honestly, I’ve never really been a fan of Ali. Considering she seemed to be following her sister “slut-tastic” footsteps. So kudos to PRVCY for covering her up and showing off her gorgeous natural looks and focusing more on the jeans than her cleavage. (I’m lookin’ at you La Loca’s spring collection!)

Get your pair of the PRVCY Premium Denim Classic Collection available right now!

Hip Huggin’ BootCuts
Malibu Bootcut – $130
Santa Monica Bootcut – $194

Special Edition
London Skinny Jeans – White – $130
Breast Cancer “Jean Marie” Skinny Jeans – $150

Get the Skinnies
Chelsea Skinny Jeans – $150
Chelsea Skinny Jeans with Studs – $150

Relaxed Fit
Barbados Jammer Rip Boyfriend Jeans – $155
Barbados Straight Leg Jeans – $150

For The Gents
Monte Carlo Bootcut Jeans – $195

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  1. Not at all, she’s nothing like Lindsay. Much more modest, humble, doesn’t court attention, private, the shoot she did for Lindsay was just work, but in how she conducts herself Ali is night and day from Lindsay. Also, these pictures are an awful representation of her look, she is pretty and these pictures make her look homely. Her photographs for Next on their website are way better at capturing her true appearance.

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