A Request For Niki Biki Smooth Long Leggings

Recently Repeat Possessions received a request from a representative of singing legend Anastasia.  The request was for 2 pairs of Niki Biki Smooth long leggings, a favourite of the artist.  Anastasia is currently in London however performing in “Here Come The Girls” along with fellow artists Lulu and Chaka Chan.  The request came with very little notice though Repeat Possessions was more than happy to comply with the request and promptly sent 2 pairs of Niki Biki Smooth long leggings to London so that the artist could look her best both on and off the stage.  Anastasia found the leggings on our website and requested 2 pairs.  We know that she’ll love the way she looks and feels in Niki Biki Smooth long leggings.

Those individuals interested in the “Here Come The Girls” show can get more information by following these links:

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