Sharknado Party – Part 2

As promised, I wanted to include a second post about our Sharknado 1st Birthday Party, with a tutorial on how I made the actual Sharknado prop. You’ll have to forgive me, this tutorial isn’t the best because I was kind of making it up as I went but I did my best to take a […]

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Baby Oliver: 7-10 Months

I can’t believe Oliver is almost 1 year old! This year has just FLOWN by and makes me incredibly sad. But it has also been so much fun watching him grow and develop into the sweet little love he is today. In just these 4 months, he went from sitting up to walking! How crazy […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Our Oliver

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at Repeat Possessions! I couldn’t help myself on this very special holiday. I HAD to dress Oliver up like a little leprechaun. With that red hair…it was my civic duty! He will probably hate me someday for taking these, but oh well! Enjoy =D No coins were […]

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