Trend Alert: Rose Gold Hair

source: beautybender
source: beautybender

It all started with Sienna Miller’s peachy rose gold hair. Then suddenly, my pinterest feed was a flooded by gorgeous hair in this whimsical color. So many celebrities have tried it too. Pastel pink was all the rage, but this year, its giving way to a warmer, brassier color and I’m completely OBSESSED!


Now there are several different types of rose gold hair, here are the top 3 that I’ve seen and have been drooling over:

 1) True Rose Gold


This is the truest form of rose gold hair color. Peachy pink with a pastel vibe. It can look so natural depending on the cut and shade of your base hair. Works best on blondes.


2) Dark Rose Gold


On darker shades of hair, unless you bleach like crazy, you’re most likely to get this shade of rose gold. Its more rosey pink with violet undertones. Love it! The top left picture is¬†perfection!

3) Subtle Rose Gold


If you’re not quite ready to go FULL pink, there are many ways to add rose gold in a subtle way. Just a dash throughout on these blondes makes you do a double take. Or for darker hair, try a tiny ombre of rose gold on the tips, easy to cut off if you decide that the look isn’t for you!


Since going with the lob earlier this year, I’m now ready for some fun colors. I think rose gold is going to be my first stop. What do you think? Which shade should I choose?

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