Scotch Tape Eyeliner Tutorial

Do you have a hard time putting on eyeliner? We recommend trying a Scotch Tape Eyeliner Tutorial! At first it feels a little strange with scotch tape on your eyes. But once you see the quick and easy results, you will be surprised!

All you need is some scotch tape, liquid gel eyeliner and an eye makeup brush!

Scotch Tape Eyeliner Material1 Scotch Tape Eyeliner Liquid Gel Eyeliner

Simple Steps for Scotch Tape Eyeliner Tutorial: Magic Cat

1. Make the tape less sticky by sticking it to your clothes.

2. Apply one piece of scotch tape to the corner of your eye and over your lid in a straight, diagonal line.

3. Apply a second piece of scotch tape under your bottom lashes, connecting it to the first piece in a diagonal line.

4. Apply your liquid gel eyeliner with a makeup brush.

Then remove the scotch tape to reveal effortless cat eyes!

Scotch Tape Eyeliner Tutorial: Cat Eye

If you’d like to see the tutorial in action, I recommend How to Be a Girl: Magic Cat Eyes with Scotch Tape!

If you don’t want to be as dramatic with cat eyes, you can always use one piece of Scotch Tape below your lower lashes. Then, you’ll have effortless straight liquid eyeliner.

Scotch Tape Eyeliner Tutorial: Regular

And, if you play around with your Scotch Tape, you might find a way to simplify the recreation of these iconic runway looks too! I wish you the best of luck with your adventures with scotch tape eyeliner designs!

Runway Eyeliner Scotch Tape Eyeliner

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