Mani Monday: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Nails Completed

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! With all the feasting that is bound to happen you may opt for loose, flowing attire! So why not glam up the nails instead since you might be obfuscating that voluptuous holiday figure! More like allowing it some breathing room! We can all agree that Thanksgiving is not the time for bodycon dresses and skinny jeans!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and fall are all about pumpkins! Pumpkin pie! Pumpkin bread! Pumpkin soup! Pumpkin pancakes! And of course, this season’s general favorite, pumpkin spice lattes! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make your nails festive with beloved pumpkins too!

All you have to do is follow these easy six steps for a cute, festive manicure!

Pumpkin Nails

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Nails

1. Use a neutral color like the tan pictured above for your base coat! It is preferable to use a lighter color that won’t clash with orange or require too much layering so that the orange of your pumpkins is visible!

2. Paint semi-circles in a medium orange on just over a third of your nails from the tips downward.

3. Use a lighter shade of orange to paint the lines that show the divisions between sections of your pumpkin!

4. Use brown polish for the stem of your pumpkin in the center of your semi-circle.

5. Use green polish to make a little vine poke out from the stem of your pumpkin.

6. Finish it off with a clear top coat and voila: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Nails!

Aren’t they cute when they’re all finished?

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Nails Completed

But there are many more iconic Thanksgiving delights like turkey and pie! So get creative with your manicures. Here are a few easy options from nail artists across the web!

Turkey Nails

Thanksgiving Turkey Nails  Thanksgiving Gobble Nails

Pie Nails

Thanksgiving Cherry Pie Nails

Fall Leaves Nails

Thanksgiving Fall Leaves NailsThanksgiving Fall Leaves Nails 2

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