Mani Monday: Saran Wrap Nail Art!

Have you seen anyone with gorgeous marbleized nail polish? Well, there’s good news. It’s really easy to recreate because it’s merely Saran Wrap Nail Art!

You will need:

Color of your choice for the Base, a Second color of your choice, Saran Wrap, and Top Clear Coat.

How to get Beautiful Saran Wrap Nail Art:

If you like, you can tear up small pieces of plastic wrap and bunch them into little balls in advance. That way they will be ready when you are to create your Saran Wrap Nail Art!

1. Paint your nails with one coat of your base color. Let this layer dry completely.

2. Paint your nails with your second color.

3. While your second color is still wet, dab your nails with your little balls of Saran Wrap to pick up some of the second color.

4. The Saran Wrap will give you a lovely marbleized look! All that’s left to do is to smooth out the two layers with a top clear coat.


Be sure to try out different looks and effects with matte, shiny, and glitter nail polish! Or feel free to get even more creative by using more than two colors with the same steps!

(Instructions are Courtesy of Design by Katy/Nailed It @blognailedit and

If you’d like a visual of the four easy steps, check out Creativenailart’s youtube video: How to: Saran Wrap Nails for a quick tutorial on how to create the marbleized look with two and three colors.

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