Mani Monday: How To Catalog Your Nail Polish Collection

Happy Monday folks! Hope your weekend was a blast! Time to get started on this week with one of my favorite topics: nails! Over the past few months, my collection has grown a little out of hand. So I needed some ways to get myself organized, store my polish correctly (i.e. not just thrown into a basket haphazardly) and keep track of colors I have and need. So I bring to you, my tips on wrangling your nail polish collection!

Step 1: Storage HobbyBoxGrn10054427_x

I found this large hobby box from The Container Store. The Tray on top is perfect to keep all my tools in order, while the bottom fits all my polish standing up right (very important to not store your nail polish on its side). I loaded up all my stuff and its a perfect fit with a little room to grow.



Step 2: Sort By Color


Then I did the fun part! Sorting them out by color! This helped me to see what all I had and where I was lacking on colors.

Step 3: Catalog

Next up is to catalog your collection so once they are in the box you still know whatcha got. I really wanted something on my phone that I could have on the go so when I’m shopping I don’t buy colors I already have or remember colors I need. I searched and searched for a good app to do this, but came up short.


There were a couple for nail polish collections but they just didn’t function very well. Finally I stumbled on Curator. Its a weird collection app and the cost is ridiculous (who pays monthly for an app?!) but the free version is doing exactly what I wanted, so I recommend it for that reason. It gives you easy to scroll through boards, which I sorted into color categories.

nail-polish-1 nail-polish-2

Last I made a Wishlist board so I could keep track of shades I still need or want.


Step 4: Keep It Updated!

Now I have my system in place, so as I’m looking for new nail art designs to do, when I see I’m missing a color, I add it to my wishlist. Once I purchase a new color, I take a picture of it, add it to whatever category it belongs to and woohoo, my collection grows!


Now I’m off to go paint my next design! Do you have your own method of organizing your nail polish? Let me know! I’m always open to new suggestions!

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