Mani-Monday: Halloween

Halloween is on its way! Will you be enjoying the festivities with a party with old or new friends? Or will you be going trick-or-treating with the kids? Or are you a true fanatic who will go as far as to transform your house, scare all of the neighborhood children (and parents), and get banned in subsequent years? (Open House of Horrors)

MOFY Halloween

You may not be able to wear a costume everyday but if you LOVE Halloween, you can show your enthusiasm with a Halloween manicure! Here are a few simple tutorials for great Halloween looks!

Black Cat Mani

Halloween Black Cat Mani

Black cats are one of Halloween’s classics. All you need is a black cat for an albeit simple, but subtle and elegant Halloween manicure! Just follow these five easy steps.

1. Paint your base coat and first layer of color.

A bright orange like that in the example goes perfectly for your Halloween theme! But if you’d rather not be too conspicuous, I’d recommend a soft shade of purple (another great color for Halloween and fall)! You can still see your black cat with a lilac or lavender, but keep the Halloween spirit!

2. In black nail polish, draw a circle off-center with a small detail brush.

This will become your black cat’s head!

3. Then use the brush to draw a straight line from the circle to the tip of your nail.

4. Taper the neck of your cat while, making his booty wider.

5. Add the finishing touches – tails and ears! Then you’re finished!

Skeletons are another Halloween staple! And although The Nightmare before Christmas might be a Christmas movie, the bulk of its characters come from Halloweentown. So I’m sure Jack is just as fitting a decoration for your Halloween nails!

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Mani

1. Paint your base coat on all your nails. Then, paint the nail of your choice with 2 layers of white nail polish.

2. Use a small brush to paint Jack’s eyes – black ovals that fill half of your nail.

3. Add Jack’s little nose holes with two simple strokes.

4. Include Jack’s mouth! First draw a curving line (Jack looks best when he’s smiling, don’t you think?) And finish his mouth by dividing it with evenly spaced, short vertical lines.

You’ve finished with Jack’s face! Now for the other nails. You can either paint Jack’s numerous facial expressions or change it up a little!

For Jack’s iconic pinstripe suit:

1. Paint your nail completely black!

2. Add white stripes over the black nail polish using a thin, detail brush!

Get more creative:

1. Paint your nail completely white!

2. Add a small black bow tie! Another cute element of Jack’s suit~

Jack Skellington Halloween Nail Tutorial Jack Skellington Halloween Manicure 2

Here’s a quick video tutorial if it helps you to follow along: Jack Skellington Nail Art.

Hope you have fun creating imaginative and ghoulish Halloween nail polish this year! Here are some other ideas that might get you thinking about different ways to decorate your nails and show off your Halloween spirit!

Frankenstein Halloween Manicure Halloween Spooky Eye maniFrankenstein Halloween Manicure Halloween Mummy Mani

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