Mani Monday: Easter Nails

Just in time for a short break from work and school! Before feasting on tasty treats, add some festivity to your style with Easter nails! Here are just a few ideas that have caught my eye on Pinterest. All of these ideas are easy enough to handle without going to a nail salon – at least if you have a steady hand or a friend with a steady hand!

Easter Nails: Bunnies

I love this design a lot because of all the possibilities! Once you get the basic bunny shape down, you can do many different facial expressions for your own special touch! But if you were never the biggest fan of the Easter bunny (and I can understand why – just look at these monstrous easter bunnies on Buzzfeed!), the baby chicks are another cute option!

Easter nails: Chicks

But of course Easter eggs are probably the most fun and festive option! In the same way that you can design Easter eggs in hundreds of different ways, you can make your Easter egg manicure just as unique and your own! Here are some of my favorites:

Easter Nails: Bright eggs Easter Nails: Purple eggs

We hope you have a Happy Easter if you celebrate and a happy mini holiday! Hope you have time to paint your nails with an Easter-themed manicure for the festivities!

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