Mani Monday: Earth Day Nail Art

earth day nail art

Earth day is next week! Time to celebrate our blue planet and remember to take care of it! In addition to recycling, reducing water use, and planting something green, a great way to celebrate Earth Day is with some cute nail art! I’ve peek around the internet and found my top 5 favorite Earth Day Nail Art designs! Check them out below!

earth day nail art


Love this sparkling blue and green look from Kasey Campa. The accent nail is a tiny Earth which makes this look subtle and fun for Earth Day!

earth day nail art


Along the same lines as the look before, this design by Starfish OnThe Beach features an accent nail with Earth, but in a cute heart shape! Add some galaxy colors to the rest of the nails and you’ve got a look thats out of this world! Haha, sorry, couldn’t help myself!



Feeling a bit more painty and brave? Try this look from Copycat Claws with the entire earth featured on the thumb nail and patches of earth in blue and green on the rest!


earth day nail artLast but not least, we have a cute little peek of Earth in space from Kizzy¬†and the words “Earth Day” on the thumb. So cute!


So there you have it! Which is your favorite Earth Day Nail Art design? Have one you want to share? Send it to us on Facebook!


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