Mani Monday – Doughnut Sprinkles

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was swell! Mine was pretty uneventful, but it did give me time to do some cleaning and decluttering (my main mission this year). So my work space is all shiny and new, ahhh! Ready to work? Ok, let’s start off with something super serious. NAIL ART! It’s important business for me, anyway.

This week I scrolled through my pinterest nail board for what look to try and I decided on one that I’ve had my eye on for a LONG time. Doughnut Sprinkles! I’ve been on a healthy, clean eating kick for the past two weeks, so naturally, the idea of loads of processed sugar was extra appealing. I may not be able to eat them, but I sure as hell can LOOK at them! On my nails!

instagram user @karengnails
instagram user @karengnails

So I gathered my tools up and got to business! The original poster of this, @karengnails, didn’t have a tutorial. Although it seems pretty straight forward, I did my research for one anyway, just in case there was some secret tip I should know. Here is what I found:

This slight variation from Wondrously Polished shows a step by step picture tutorial, as well as 2 other different doughnut nail art designs to try.


If you need even more of a visual, you can check out this YouTube users video tutorial. Although she speaks French, but its not really necessary to understand her, just watch how she applies the little sprinkles, its very helpful!

Now you’ve got the hang of it right? Ok! Let’s get to our nails! I tried it out myself and was pretty pleased with the results!


Not too shabby, especially since I had a toddler jumping on the couch next to me! What do you think of this design? Will you try it out? If so, tag #repeatpo on your instagram so I can see and comment! =)

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