Mani Monday: 6 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Happy Monday folks! Are you ready for Halloween?! Just two more weeks until my favorite holiday of the year! So of course I need to rock some sweet nail art for the occasion! Unfortunately, I’m still knee deep in costume making, so I can’t paint my own until I’m done painting, hot gluing and spray painting things. So for now, I’ll share my top 6 Halloween nail art designs. Which one should I do!?


#1 Jack Skellington

Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without a visit from everyone’s favorite pumpkin king! I adore these cute Jack Skellington nails and they look easy enough to do with a striping brush.

#2 Modern Orange & Black

Love the look of these nails. If cartoony nail art isn’t for you, then you’ll love this modern twist with stripes to still feel festive! Orange and black look great together but you could also do this design in other other color during the rest of the year.

halloween orange and black nail art

#3 Black Cat

I would also probably wear this nail art any time of year, but black cats are even better for Halloween! And easy and fast one to do if you’re pressed for time.



#4 Spider Webs

I HATE spiders, but I LOVE this nail design so much that I’m willing to get over it.



#5 Elegant Halloween Nails

If you need something classy but still spooky, take a look at these gorgeous nails! Red and black with a bit of bling! Reminds me sexy vampires!


#6 Cute Ghost Nails

If you’re looking for something a little different and more cutesy. Then try this adorable set with lilac, white and black. Such a unique take on Halloween nails, I think this one might be favorite!



Let me know what nail art you liked best! Are you wearing something special for the holiday? Share it with us! And don’t forget we have lots of great basics for your costume needs!



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