Mani Monday: 5 Valentine Manicures



Glitter Heart

A classic Valentine look, red glitter nails with a heart accent nail. The turtorial looks super easy, although I’d recommend just getting a glitter polish so keep the mess to a min!


Tiny Hearts

This is a sweet subtle way to sport Valentine nails. It’s probably the one I’ll do for myself next week. Check out the artist’s other creations if you want something more elaborate but still super cute!


Ombre Heart Tips

When I first started my nail art hobby, I tried to do this and failed so miserably that I gave up on nail art altogether for like 4 months…yea it was rough =p But I came back to it and learned some better techniques…the main one being, LET IT DRY! If you’re using stickers to achieve this look, you must, must, MUST give each coat full drying time. This design is so cute, so I’m gonna give it another shot!


Polka Dots & Heart Accent Nail

This is cute variation of the heart on the accent nail. Throw in some polka dots and you’ve got nail art that’s easy but looks more advanced!


Gold Heart Line

Reds and pinks might not be your thing, and if that’s the case, I got an adorable design featuring black and gold. But really, you could use ANY colors you wish!


What’s your favorite Valentine Nail art design?

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