Chic Geometric Manicure Tutorial

Try a new look with this chic geometric manicure tutorial! Use four different colors and follow these easy steps for a nail design that will send compliments your way. The geometric manicure design looks like it had to have been done at a nail salon, but it is actually effortless to pull off on your own.

rectangular mani rectangular mani 3rectangular mani 2

As you can see there are many different approaches you can take. But here’s a general template that can serve as a guideline for creating a gorgeous geometric manicure!

geometric manicure

STEP 1: Be sure to paint a clear base layer on your nails to ensure a smooth coat for your cubic pattern.

STEP 2: Paint your full nails with 2 layers of your lightest color.

STEP 3: Use a single stroke of your nail polish brush to draw a rectangular shape on each of your nails in your medium nail polish color.

geometric manicure step 3

Do not worry about drawing out a rectangle! Generally a single stroke will create the straight lines you want for your manicure. Be sure to alternate the position of your rectangle from top left to top right and so forth!

STEP 4: On the opposite side of your first rectangle, create another rectangle about half the size of the first one using an even darker shade.

geometric manicure step 4

STEP 5:  Use a nail art brush with black nail polish to draw a border around your larger rectangle, hiding the seams between the three colors and making the geometric design stand out!

geometric manicure step 5

If you’re concerned about making super straight lines, use tape to guide your nail art brush once your lower layers have dried.

STEP 6: Paint over your geometric design with a matte top coat to give your nails a hint of depth!

geometric manicure step 6

If rectangles aren’t your cup of tea, you can always experiment with more triangular geometric manicures using the same basic template and some tape as your guideline. Have fun making original designs of your own!

geometric mani 4

geometric mani 6

geometric mani 7

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