Fall 2015 Makeup Trends

The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and there’s a witchy vibe in out there which can only mean one thing, Fall is here! With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the fun activities in between, it’s my most favorite time of year. Finally we can wear fun makeup without worrying about it melting off by the end of the day. Cool weather means you can play around a little more with darker shadows, liners, and lips. I did the research so you don’t have to- here are the biggest Fall 2015 makeup trends.


RP Blog Fall Lips

Image via HarpersBazaar.com

We’re going back to the 90’s this Fall when it comes to choosing your next lip color. Popular colors on the 2015 runways included deep purples, brick reds, mauve, and some burnt sienna. Channel your favorite 90’s girl this Fall and go bold. Pair your old school lips with this perfectly faded boyfriend flannel!


RP Blog Copper Eyes

Image via glowdotcom

Copper and rose-gold are big-ticket trends this season. Who says rose-gold is just for jewelry? Turns out it actually looks pretty amazing on the eyes. Pick out a new shimmery shadow and sweep it loosely over the lids. It also looks great along your bottom lashes under a coat of mascara. You can even mix a little bit of the copper color into your bronzer for a gorgeously warm Autumn complexion. Complete your look in this comfy Marble Infinity Scarf with a hint of gold!


RP Blog Soft Cat Eye

Image via cathrynayling.co

Feeling witchy this season? Tweak your traditional cat-eye liner (if you’re one of the lucky ones who has been able to master the art unlike me) and try out a soft cat eye. This look is more of a straight blended line across the eye as opposed to the more precise and angled style of a traditional cat-eye. No liquid liner needed. Pair your soft cat-eye with this deep v-neck dress for a subtle sexy holiday date night look.


image via blinkstudiomb.com

Let’s be real though- when are big lashes not in? Every day there’s a new mascara commercial sucking us in. My biggest tip to you, which has ultimately changed my whole beauty routine, is lash extensions. With extensions, you never have to worry about mascara goop or raccoon eyes and when done properly they do absolutely no damage to your natural lashes. My girls at GBY (Go Blush Yourself) are amazing at creating fuller natural-looking lashes and they have several locations in the LA area and are expanding to other parts of CA as we speak. If extensions aren’t your thing, my all time favorite mascara is called “Smoky Extravagant” by Make Up Forever. It really works, I promise! Make your eyes pop even more by throwing on one of our Nikibiki seamless long sleeve tops in the most complimentary color based on our eye color.


RP Blog cheeks

Image via idiva.com

Pink cheeks are in. A big trend on the runway was natural-looking flushed cheeks. Try and find a pink that blends in with your complexion and contains undertones of your skins natural colors. Let your flush stand out with this Nikibiki half sleeve crop top in black.

Which of the fall 2015 makeup trends are you going to try first?

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