8 Summer Makeup Tips To Beat The Heat

Summer is all fun and games until your perfectly applied makeup comes streaking down your face the second you step out into some 90 degree weather. Never fear, I’ve put together some of my favorite tricks and makeup hacks to help keep your face looking fresh and perfectly flushed despite the heat.

Check out my top 8 summer makeup tips for melt-free beauty.

1. Prime, Prime, Prime


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A lot of people overlook the magic of a good primer and tend to skip this step in their beauty routine. Primer is necessary for flawless coverage and staying power, especially during the hot summer months. Simply apply a small amount to face over sunscreen or moisturizer before your foundation to keep it in place. My favorite is Make Up For Ever’s Nourishing Primer which can be found at Sephora.

2. Setting Spray


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Second to a good primer is a GREAT setting spray with temperature control. This locked in formula will keep your skin cool and prevent heat and sweat from melting your foundation and eye-makeup. My favorite is Urban Decay’s “All Nighter Setting Spray”. When you’ve finished applying your makeup, spray this last step over your face in a T formation making sure to mist over eyelids and lips.

3. Oily Skin? Translucent Powder Is Your New Best Friend


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After you apply your foundation (and before the setting spray) simply brush some loose translucent powder across your T zone and any other place that has a tendency to get shiny. I use Sephora-brand powder, but you can purchase a decent translucent powder just about anywhere that sells makeup.

4. Less Is More


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Less is more in the summer when it comes to your face and eye makeup. The more you put on, the more chance of smudging and caking. Try swapping out your usual foundation for a BB/CC cream or tinted moisturizer. The light coverage will keep you looking fresh when the heat kicks in. I adore Diorskin’s Nude BB cream.

5. Avoid Raccoon Eyes and Smudging Mascara


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Waterproof mascara seems like an obvious option in the summer, however, I’m not a big fan as I find the formulas a bit rough on my lashes and a total pain to wash off when you want to. I like to apply a coat of clear mascara over my favorite black one to seal in the color and prevent it from smudging. You can find an affordable clear mascara at Target or CVS on your next shopping trip.

6. Choose Creamy Over Powder Shadows



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Cream shadows tend to go on smooth and cake less than their powder counterparts when there’s a chance of sweat. Choose a light earthy tone with a little shimmer in it for a glowy, youthful look.

7. Try A Cheek Stain Instead of Powdered Blush


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Same with eye shadow, powdered blush tends to appear cakey when mixed with sweat. Opt for a cream blush or cheek stain instead for a natural summer flush.

8. Tint Your Lips


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No one wants to deal with applying and retouching a thick lipstick on a hot summer day. Instead, try a lip tint or a tinted lip balm. My favorite matte lip tint is made by Tarte in the shade, “Hope”. It’s easy to apply –no mirror necessary– and gives your lips a little natural pop of color. If you’re not a fan of tints, lip stains are also great and have long lasting staying power.

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