6 Easy Updos To Try This Summer

Feeling the heat of Summer? We’re all familiar with the good hair day gone bad due to hot weather and a sweaty complexion. Instead of giving in and pulling it back in the same old hair tie, sweep your hair off your neck with a fresh take on the basic bun with these 6 Easy Summer Updos!

These step-by-step guides will have you feeling cool, confident, and ready to take on the heat in no time!

1. Modern Chignon

Repeat Posessions Chignon

Photo via yetanotherbeautysite.com

Twist hair away from your face  on either side of your head until the two sides meet. Secure with an elastic band. Flip your pony tail away and up towards the top of head and pull it through the middle space above the elastic, creating a V shape. Take the remainder of the pony tail, pull it up towards the middle of the V. Keep the ends tucked and secure with bobby pins. Voila!

Pair this style with our gorgeous summer boho dress for sweet effortless look.

2. Braided Low Donut Bun

Repeat Posesions Braided Low Donut Bun

Photo via pophaircuts.com

This one may take a few tries, but it’s worth it I promise. Divide a section of hair from your dominant side’s front, braid, and secure with an elastic. Pull the remaining hair through a hair-donut as you would a pony tail and backcomb. Tuck the ends around the donut and secure with bobby pins.

Our Summer Dreams crochet top would make a perfect addition to this updo.

3. Braided Donut Bun

RP Blog Twist 1

RP Blog Twist 2

RP Blog Twist 3

RP Blog Twist 4


Photo via prettydesigns.com

This one is very easy and perfect when a top knot just isn’t enough. Start by backcombing hair on the top of the head at the roots for added volume. Pull the top portion of hair into an elastic and secure. Gather remaining hair and secure into a pony tail just behind the first elastic. Take your hair-donut and pull the pony tail through. Disperse hair evenly around the donut and wrap it with an elastic. Divide hair into two sections. Twist each section separately creating two twist braids. Wrap the braids around the bun in opposite directions. Secure with bobby pins. Instantly chic!

Pair it with this black and white sleeveless striped dress for a casual chic look!

4. Messy Low Side Bun

Repeat Posessions blog Messy low side bun

Photo via pophaircuts.com

Casual chic. This style works best with wavy hair so if you have naturally straight locks, run a curling iron through it first! Gather the top half of hair and twist it into a small bun. Twist the bottom section of hair loosely around the bun and secure with bobby pins. It doesn’t have to be perfect- the messier the better!

Pair this style with our favorite denim jacket for a summer night out.

5. Twisty Bun

Repeat Posessions Twisty Bun

Photo via dose.com

Gather hair into two pigtails at the back of the head. Twist each section into twist braids and secure with clear elastics. Twist the two sections around each other and hold in place with bobby pins.

Keep it flirty with this cute En Creme skirt and Nikibiki Seamless tank combo!

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