5 Summer Hairstyles

Summer French Braided Bun

As it warms up, you might be itching to cut your locks of hair or at least find a summer-worthy style. Here are a few summer hairstyles that I’ve come across the web that will come in handy as it gets hotter! I like to keep my hair away from my face and off my neck if possible just because it keeps me cool. So I nominate these summer hairstyles as my top 5 to brave the heat. And survive the summer without heat stroke!

1. Mohawk Braid Pony/Pop Haircuts

Summer Hairstyle - Braided Mohawk Pony

Check out Makeup Wearables for a tutorial on how you can get this look for the summer! The website also includes tutorials for several other styles that include braids.

2. Shaggy Pixie Cut/Pop Haircuts

Summer hairstyle - pixie cut

Although Ginnifer Goodwin always looks adorable, I love her with a pixie cut like this one via Ghetty Images.

3. Classic Bun/Pop Haircuts

Summer Hairstyle - classic bun

 4. French Braided Bun/Pinterest

Summer Hairstyle - French Braided Bun

5. Messy French Twist/Pinterest

Summer hairstyle - messy French twist



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