5 New Hair Color Trends To Try In 2015


2014 was the year of the ombre. But next year brings promise of some new ideas in hair color. Bold new colors are making a break for it. See what 5 new hair color trends you should give a try in 2015.


Rainbow Color Roots

Maxime Simoens’ spring 2015 fashion show featured this radical new hair color idea. Brightly colored roots! An easy look to try out with TINT hair chalk at home. Not sure if this is strictly a runway look or something you’ll actually see on the streets, but I like seeing something different and easy to try.


Reverse Ombre

Loving this new take on the classic ombre. Go light on top and fade to a rich dark color. This is perfect if you want to keep most of your natural color buy try something new. Also looks like it would grow out really nicely! Most looks I found go from blonde to brown but I bet brown to black would look gorgeous as well!


Grey Hair Color

Go grey early! I’m obsessed with this new trend but not sure I have the guts to go for it yet. But check out how beautiful grey can be! Maybe you don’t have to cover those silver strands, instead…embrace them!


Pastel Pink

Pink hair has always been a hair color favorite, but pastel pink is the new rage! Light and sweet, like cotton candy. The ultimate barbie girl look.


Turquoise Hair Color

Teal or turquoise hair is a gorgeous dark look that looks amazing on anyone. I’ve heard it can be challenging to keep the color strong, so you might want to invest in a professional for this one.

Which new hair trend do you like most? Will you be trying one of these? Or already rocking one? Let us know! Tag us on instagram #repeatpo


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